Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The creation of a legend, day 2 in the blogosphere

Apart from spending innordinate amounts of time at the pootah, I am often quite likely to get out there and take some shots. Over the last few months, i've been working on a project with some friends and after all the fun and games of buying lighting, setting up a studio, arranging shoots and actually getting round to taking the shots and building the website, I am now finally in a position to launch what I hope will be a successful and above all a F.U.N. venture. I've had it with working for a living, it's shite and I just don't want to do it anymore!!
So, you may ask-what exactly is Mr B plaaning on doing to make his life a better and more creative place?
Why not try this link and all will be revealed......

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Day 1 in the blogging world.

Well, I've finally made it into the world of blogging-about time too. I'm a Photographer and (sometimes) poet by choice and a peddlar of boring bits of concrete, by neccessity. Someday soon, I hope to be able to burn the suit and ties and actually make something close to a living from taking pictures. Life is far too short not to follow your dreams.
My work is published widely on the interweb, mainly on this site-Buy art

I am interested in so many things that are important(well, to me at least), good times with friends, laughter, social justice and equality. I have reached the point in my life where I no longer require a Ferrari to feel "complete", much preferring the charms of a Morris Minor Convertible and a wicker picnic basket.

Tattoo's really do freak so many stuffy people out-get one and develop a really intimidating stare and you will never struggle to get a seat on the bus again.

In my quieter, more reflective moments, I really do love to sit down and write poetry, I find that trying to confuse those who would stereotype us is a wonderful hobby, inexpensive and effective for combating the forces of mediocrity.

Clowns scare me.

Bigots make me want to puke.

I have recently bought a domain name and a copy of "creating webpages for dummies"- surely there can't be too much stress involved in bringing me to the attention of the world, can there???